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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been rapidly and radically changing the dynamics of IT consumption. Having matured through the initial hype and the following anxiety, it has now come of age, and today is clearly established as a computing model that will have long-range and deep impact on the IT solutions landscape. With the adoption of Cloud Computing breaching critical mass, Cloud computing is now in a self-propelled growth mode that is being fuelled by the ecosystem cloud computing itself enables.

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This change is already becoming the new norm of the evolving computing world. The expansive growth of cloud services providers, the rapid emergence of problem-specific and domain-specific cloud services, and the exponential enterprise adoption of cloud computing, are all empirical testimonials to this new norm.

The core cloud computing proposition of being able to buy compute technology as a service in an on-demand, elastic, and pay-as-you-go model does bring extensive value to enterprises and solution providers for varied workloads including standalone, purpose-focused solutions and peripheral enterprise applications. However, this core offering falls short in being a strategic goals-enabler if cloud computing cannot co-exist and complement other relevant compute models and enterprise investments in a seamless and consistent setting.